About Us

Here at County Fare we hand craft small batches of specialty food products such as; no sugar jams and jellies, seasonal wild fruit low sugar jams and jellies, internationally inspired sauces for marinating and finishing and wine vinegars infused with fruit, herbs and spices using as much locally grown produce when available. We do not use artificial preservatives, sweeteners or food colouring and the majority of our products are also gluten and GMO free. Our motto, “we deliver real flavour, naturally!” 

Our History

Preserving and canning has been a lifelong passion of Naneen’s, the owner, operator and master canner for County Fare. In 2011, she purchased an existing canning business in Prince Edward County called, Pat’s Jams. In 2012, her dream came to fruition when she opened up her operation as Prince Edward County Fare (now called County Fare). Initially she followed Pat’s jam recipes but always with the intension of bringing the existing products “up a notch” and transforming the full sugar jams and jellies into healthier products using less refined sugar to allow the fresh taste of the produce to stand out first. 

Naneen recognized that processed sugars were a mounting public health concern and a major contributor to the growing rate of diabetes and obesity in Canada. When she discovered a natural pectin on the market allowing her to reduce the typical half and half sugar to fruit ratio in jam and jellies to a four to one ratio, that was her “eureka” moment! Fruit is now the leading ingredient in all of her products. In addition, she discovered a natural sweetener called, Xyla, which looks and taste exactly like sugar but has 40% fewer calories, 75% fewer carbohydrates and has been proven to metabolize slowly therefore not causing insulin levels to fluxgate, perfect for diabetics! 

Our Future

County Fare has always been a work in progress since its conception. We’re constantly researching new ways in which to improve our products. Maintaining the health and quality of our products while keeping our flavours interesting and unique is our goal! Food is fun! 


Naneen Keenan

County Fare Owner