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Quality Preserves

Fruit-packed jams, Savory Sauces, Vinegars and more. All made with love in Ontario, Canada.


The art & culture of good eating

From our kitchen to yours, we preserve the wonderful bounty of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables that Prince Edward County is famous for.

Try our fruit-packed no-sugar jams, internationally inspired sauces & marinades, unique gourmet vinegars, and tasty fruit cordial concentrates. 

County Fare products are free of artificial preservatives, sweeteners or food colouring, and all our products are gluten and GMO free. 


Jam packed chunky fruit goodness


Preserving true flavours

How can our jams be so low in sugar when traditional jams are typically half fruit, half sugar? Well, it's all about the natural pectin we use that sets the jam and not the sugar, as used to be the way. We've found that one cup of sugar to four cups of fruit adds just the right amount of sweetness while also maintaining the genuine flavour of the fruit. While it's definitely more costly to make jam this way, we believe in preserving the true flavours of fruit as you would when picked fresh.

Locally-sourced, seasonal fruit & vegetables


We source our produce from local Ontario producers during each fruit or vegetable's peak season. County Fare products are also free of artificial preservatives, sweeteners or food colouring. Jams, sauces and vinegars are naturally gluten free, and we try and avoid GMO produce as much as we can. Our aim is to create products the old-fashioned way, in accordance with the seasons and farming practices of our ancestors.

Real Fruit. Real Flavour.